Changed Into His Likeness [Review]

Title: Changed Into His Likeness Author: Watchman Nee ISBN: 978-0-087508-859-4 Copyright: 1967 by Angus I. Kinnear pgs. 160   I have enjoyed some of Watchman Nee's writings, they are very similar to F.B. Meyer in his writing style.  I first heard about his writings through a prominent Fundamentalist book store which recommended a number of … Continue reading Changed Into His Likeness [Review]

The Thundering Scot John Knox [Review]

Book Reviewed: The Thundering Scot, A Portrait of John Knox Author: Geddes MacGreggor Copyright MCMLVII (1957) ISBN: Library of Congress Catalog  Card Number: 57-6850  pp. 240 Reviewed By: Pastor Tim Crockett Another great book! A biography of John Knox the Thundering Reformer in Scotland. Reformer John Knox was born sometime time early in the sixteenth … Continue reading The Thundering Scot John Knox [Review]