A Biblical Case for Total Inerrancy [Review]

Title: A Biblical Case for Total Inerrancy ~ How Jesus Viewed the Old Testament Author: Robert P. Lightner ISBN: 0-8254-3110-7 Copyright: 1978 by Kregel Publications pgs.184 Biblical inerrancy is an underrated and therefore an undertaught doctrine in churches today. The biblical doctrines of inerrancy, inspiration, and infallibility form the foundation for what comes after theologically … Continue reading A Biblical Case for Total Inerrancy [Review]

Changed Into His Likeness [Review]

Title: Changed Into His Likeness Author: Watchman Nee ISBN: 978-0-087508-859-4 Copyright: 1967 by Angus I. Kinnear pgs. 160   I have enjoyed some of Watchman Nee's writings, they are very similar to F.B. Meyer in his writing style.  I first heard about his writings through a prominent Fundamentalist book store which recommended a number of … Continue reading Changed Into His Likeness [Review]