Changed Into His Likeness [Review]

Title: Changed Into His Likeness
Author: Watchman Nee
ISBN: 978-0-087508-859-4
Copyright: 1967 by Angus I. Kinnear pgs. 160


I have enjoyed some of Watchman Nee’s writings, they are very similar to F.B. Meyer in his writing style.  I first heard about his writings through a prominent Fundamentalist book store which recommended a number of great books along with a number of Nee’s writings. The Normal Christian Life and Sit Walk and Stand were good reads.

The book itself is a short and easy read with only 160 pages broken up into three sections covering aspects of the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. With the typical insight common to Nee he made great application with each of the Patriarchs,  introducing new and encouraging thought that were both encouraging and challenging.

The author chronicles their strengths, weaknesses and God’s ability or sufficiency in breaking down, restoring and buildup up his children for his honor and glory.

For me the stand out portion was in regard to Jacob and the night he wrestled with the angel of the LORD. In his own strength, he wrestled with the Angel of the LORD all night, that is until the Angel of the LORD touched the strongest part of his body, which signified his strength, his thigh. It was here the Lord weakened Jacob at his strongest point and it was here that Jacob clung to the Lord. I believe this was the lesson that showed Paul with his thorn in the flesh – TEACHING THE SUFFICIENCY OF GOD’S GRACE in weakness!

Like many of us we often live and serve under our own strength calling on the Lord at the last minute or not at all. The Lord showed Jacob he was vulnerable and weak and therefore needed dependence on God and his strength.

Well, this was a short review, I have a couple of others to write, edit and post.

As they say in Latin – Absum! – I’m outa here!