Redeem the Time For the Days are Evil

Ephesians 5:16

Ben Franklin said, “Never leave to tomorrow what you can do today” While this certainly applies to the context of this blog, we know based on today’s level of procrastination another way of wording it could be, “don’t do today what you can do tomorrow”

Of all blog topics I could have chosen I had to choose procrastination, one of the most self condemning and in my face types of blogs. Perhaps the Lord is trying to tell me something. Procrastination is something I am all too familiar with and with a heavy desk load, ministry responsibility, two properties to maintain and a family that deserves my attention things do tend to get put on the back burner or shuffled around. It’s a vicious cycle! While good intentions may justify this, time goes on and things still need to get done. They don’t just go away!

We’ve all at one point or another dealt with procrastination and depending one’s lifestyle, anything from household chores, car maintenance, paying bills, family obligations and so on will be left for another day, days turn to weeks and the weeks to months and then things just get broke. Careers, education goals, physical health, mental health (O the stress! I have too much to do!) and even your spiritual, especially your spiritual life, can suffer. Think about the time that could be spent in reading your Bible, praying or doing some other ministry related thing.

The challenge is for us to REDEEEM THE TIME. Where do I begin? Acknowledge you are have an issue with putting things off and come up with some kind of action plan, Write out list of things that need to be done and work off that list. If something more pressing comes up take care of that and then finish the task. For me I like to put the easiest ones first. This gets me motivated and ready for the next bigger task and so on.

While not an exhaustive list,  it’s a start and we all have to begin somewhere right? Here are 6 ways that can help in overcoming procrastination:

1) Identify the weak points (non productive, useless) in your daily routine and seek ways to make them strong and productive and STICK TO IT!

2) Prioritize – Things of importance should be at the top of the to-do list. Keep your spiritual life a priority each day. Time with God (Prayer, Devotional time and reading the word) is best done in the earliest part of the day. EVEN IF IT IS ONLY FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES! STAY DISCIPLINED ON THIS POINT!

3) Pray, put things before the Lord – If your schedule is such where you are frustrated, anxious and just weighed down seek out the Lord. Hebrews 12:1-3 tells us to lay aside every weight. Burdens of life will weigh you down in more ways than one, best to leave those with the Lord.

4) Call to mind the importance of good stewardship, not “just” over time but stewardship over the gifts and talents that God has blessed you with. Remember we are to glorify him in all things.

5) Do ALL as heartily unto the Lord. A right frame of mind about the Lord will keep you focused on things that matter and things WILL GET DONE!

6) KEEP the Lord’s Day set apart for worship and rest. I realize this might sound counter intuitive considering the theme of this blog, but rest physically and mentally is needful and will help prepare you to tackle those tasks in the week (s) ahead.