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A Twitter Response

My world view is a biblical worldview. With the variety of responses to my position, evidence was the most frequently asked for. My original statement stands; God doesn’t have to “prove” his existence. The scripture just declares that he is. The evidence is there. It is up to the serious minded enquirer to weigh out that evidence against their world view. This is much in the same way that Simon Greenleaf (Wrote the Treatise on the Law of Evidence), Lee Strobel (Case for Christ), Detective J Warner Wallace (Cold Case Detective), Josh McDowell (Evidence that Demands a Verdict) and many others did. While not holding to theistic views they used their respective disciplines to weigh out the available evidence and came away believers.

My apologetic is pre-suppositional. It was Augustine who said “we must believe something before we know anything” Many on both sides of the argument hold to beliefs within their world view without having ALL the available evidence. My response is certainly not going to cover ALL the available evidence just some gleanings I have learned and observed over the years.

My biblical worldview is: I believe in an all powerful transcendent God who not only created the universe and all that is therein but he also upholds it. He has chosen to reveal himself through both general and special revelation. General revelation being the natural world (Creation is evidence of a Divine Creator), and Special Revelation being his inspired word and the living word being Jesus Christ the Crown of special revelation. For more detailed definition see the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith Chap 2

I was going to spend time on what constitutes evidence (propositional or experiential) but decided against it at least for now. I believe my response shows both. The question was asked, what evidence do I have to support my world view? While not conclusive/comprehensive they are as follows: 1) The Evidence of Faith 2) The Testimony of Scripture 3) Science/Creation 4) The Natural Man 5) Logic 6) Man’s “Spiritual” Nature

1) The Evidence of Faith – The scripture states (Hebrews 11:1) that faith is the substance of things hoped for evidence of things not seen. As Christians we walk by faith and not by sight otherwise it is no more faith. The scriptures state that without faith it is impossible to please him. Faith is a necessary element in our worldview and the very core of our walk and life with him.

2) The Testimony of Scripture – The testimony of scripture is diverse and constantly being re-affirmed through: archeological finds, history, manuscript evidence and even science. The testimony of scripture supports the person and work of Christ. He is an historical figure with support both within and outside the inspired canon.

3) Science/Creation – The scripture states that the heavens declare the handiwork of God and that he is the author of creation, including man. Science, while purportedly against the biblical worldview, is actually in support of it. My world view does not take issue with science only when it overreaches into the spiritual realm. Link –

4) The Natural Man – When an unregenerate man I was most antagonistic against religion as a whole. Just hated it! It wasn’t until after I was regenerated did I understand why. The scripture states that the natural man receives not the things of God neither can he know them. The Gospel is to them that perish foolishness. This is seen time and again. Interesting to note that the natural man while claiming to be free from religion is actually in bondage to his own depraved nature and world view, he just doesn’t realize it.

5) Logic – In my world view I believe God is absolute and he is truth. The laws of logic exist because they reflect God whose nature is logic. Logic is the means God himself used not only in Isaiah 1:8, but also in 1 Peter 3:15 and other places throughout scripture. – Gordon Clark said this “The laws of logic are the way God thinks. He makes no mistakes, draws no unwarranted conclusions and constructs no invalid arguments.” Being saved we ought to not only live like Christ but to think like him as well. Scripture states that we should bring every thought captive to Christ in other words have the mind of Christ. My understanding is this, man didn’t invent the laws of logic he discovered them and they point to a transcendent holy God.

This is a list of men who have been a help throughout the years. Gordon Clark, Cornelious Van Till, @SyeTenB, @ApologiaStudios and Greg Bahnsen to name a few.

6) Man’s “Spiritual” Nature – I hold to Calvin’s position that man has Sensus Divinitatis in other words man has a sense of divinity/Deity. Man is not born with a mind that is a blank slate, he has certain knowledge and I believe that includes a sense of the divine. History bears witness to the “spiritual” nature/curiosity of man. It is this sense that fallen man seeks to suppress. Romans 1: 18-20