Just Be Still


Sometimes the hardest things to do in life are the simplest. To be still is hard in a life full of care and worry. The hustle and bustle lifestyle of many today has a stranglehold on them and particularly their spiritual life. With the force of a constrictor, it continues to wrap itself around  you until there is no more room to breath. Many will recoil back and retreat rather than move forward and live victoriously in Christ.

The reason the lives of many Christians is filled with, too much care, too much activity,  and too much busyness  is that there is very little time if any taken out for God. With the  weight of the world on their shoulders and the burdens of others very little if any time is set aside to take care of their own spiritual needs.

With this seemingly insurmountable weight pressing down what is one to do, where is the wellspring of relief, that place of refuge. Where does one start to unloosen the strangleholds of life?  The answer is simple, the place of rest and refuge is God. We find it in no other place than him. The text says that we are to – BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.  The simplest things that we find the hardest to do are the very things that help when life is at it hardest. Taking time,  even a small amount of time dedicated to God each day will have tremendous benefits for the Christian. Here are some things (the list is not comprehensive) to consider:

  • Take time out of your day to talk with God. Early morning is a good time when everything is quiet.
  • Take time each day to read or listen to God’s word. It is amazing how much time can be dedicated to the internet but very little to the reading of God’s book. Listening is another  thing you can do.
  • Find opportunities to share your testimony with others. Rather than focus on the burden find something to praise God for.
  • Attend church whenever possible.  Most churches have services three times a week, one on Wednesday and two on Sunday including Sunday School.
  • Lastly meditate on the promises of God. Repeat them over and over until they are anchored in your heart. The verse is challenging us to KNOW that he is God. Know that he is in control and that all things truly work together for them who love God (Romans 8:28), know that he loves and cares for you.

We are told in the epistle of Peter (1 Peter 5:7) to cast ALL of our care upon him for he careth for  us. Again something seemingly easy to do and yet we still hold back thereby increasing our anxiety.

Life has many challenges and will certainly let you down but God is faithful will never leave you nor forsake you. As Christians we do not want to be bogged down and rendered ineffective for our Lord because of them. I believe the best way to persevere is to focus on who God is and then the reality of his promises will fix themselves firmly in your heart and greatly increase your ability to deal with the issues of life. Have a great day! – Pastor Tim